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Online Free Webinar, 12.30 UK Time (GMT +1)

Our Free Online Webinar -   "Value-added Molecules from Biodiesel By-product: The Glycerol Challenge!" attracted 40 people from all over the world. We would like to do more - are there any potential speakers out there?

If you wish to listen to the webinar click here. (10MB). You will also need to download the Interwise Participant software. Click here !


$80M Investment by Ashland and Cargill

A new jv was announced today with respect to a new 65,000 mtpa manufacturing facility to be located in Europe. The first product will be propylene glycol from glycerol. The global market for propylene glycol is estimated as being 1.4M tpa. More here


Statement by Malcolm Wicks, UK Science and Innovation Minister

“The UK has a proud history of innovation in science and technology. We believe that we must work with industry to develop the marketable products and services of tomorrow, so that we can maintain our position as a leading global economy. 

“That’s why we’re supporting this project to find valuable uses for glycerol, a major by-product of the renewable fuel source biodiesel. It provides a great opportunity to harness the UK’s world-class expertise.”


Read the full Press Release here


Statement by Dr David Grant, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University

“I’m delighted that Cardiff’s leading expertise in chemistry is being directed at such an industrially important topic.  Several other companies have expressed interest in supporting this important research and I look forward to announcing further success later this year.”

Read the full Press Release here


Statement by Timothy Zappala, CEO and President of Vertellus Specialties Inc

“The application of green chemical technology has become increasingly important to both ourselves and our customers. The chemical structure and increasing abundance of glycerol makes it an excellent platform chemical for us to use as a renewable feedstock.”

Read the full Press Release here


Huntsman to bring glycerol to propylene glycol process on stream in 2008

A new  process is to be installed at Conroe, Texas to manufacture propylene glycol from glycerol was announced today

Further details from the Huntsman website


Glycerol powers biofuel cells!

Researchers at the University of St. Louis in Missouri have been busy identifying enzymes which can use glycerol as a fuel for portable fuel cells. More details of this technology can be viewed here !


Solvay announce a 100,00tpa Epichlorohydrin plant

The success of the Epichlor process at a 10,000 tpa plant in France has led to the announcement of a 100,000 tpa plant to be constructed in Thailand, to come on stream in 2009. The feedstock is of course glycerol! More here



Dr Keith Simons gives a presentation on "The Glycerol Challenge" at a seminar organised by the Resource Efficiency KTN.

Further details here


Shanghai-based epoxy resin plant to use biodiesel-derived glycerol as a feedstock

Epichlorhydrin, traditionally produced from allyl chloride will be manufactured at a 100,000 metric tonne epoxy resin plant by Dow Chemical. Further details available here.


Dow Chemical to use glycerol as a source to propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is traditionally manufactured from propylene oxide. A recent report in Chemical and Engineering News describes how they will be rolling out their new technology by the end of 2007 at their Houston plant. The full report from Chemical and Engineering News is available here



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